Lai Yuen makes a comeback as a Cantonese diner in Lai Chi Kok
“Cuisine 1949”continues childhood memories Passes on “Man Yuen Noodles’” local Dai Pai Dong’s flavor

(Hong Kong, February 20, 2018) At the time of Lai Yuen’s 70th Anniversary, the brand-new Cantonese cuisine diner, “Cuisine 1949” celebrated its opening today (20, February). The diner is located at D2 Place TWO in Lai Chi Kok, infused with “old Hong Kong” and nostalgic “Lai Yuen” elements, having many different photo spots. One-third of the floor’s interior copied the old “Man Yuen” outlook and bring back its Dai Pai Dong-ness. Traditional but unconventional Cantonese cuisine, creative dim sum, and traditional noodles can be all enjoyed at once at “Cuisine 1949”.

“Cuisine 1949” is located at second floor of D2 Place TWO, a revitalized industrial building, having a floorspace of 6,400 sq. ft. and 180 seats. The iconic Lai Yuen’s “Coffee Cup” and “Flying Dragon” Rides are now transformed into booths. And a 50-year-old antique “Carousel” is donated by the Chiu’s Family as a showpiece in at the Restaurant.

As featured in traditional Cantonese Cuisine, “Cusine 1949” presents to you dishes with the combination of the old and new such as “Steamed Flower Crab with Egg White & Chicken Oil”, and unconventional dish such as “Sweet & Sour Pork”.  Classic Animals Stars “Tiger”, “Piglet”, “Swan”, “Turtle” etc. are re-created as animal-shape dim sum, especially attractive to families.

Chairman of Lai Yuen Company Ltd. Mr. Duncan Chiu and Mrs. Natalie Chiu-So together hosted the Grand Opening Ceremony. Mr. Chiu said, “In the last 1st China International Import Expo”, I briefed project“Wally” of which “Lai Yuen” and “China Media Capital” jointly launched to our Chief Executive. Nevertheless, we never forget that “Lai Yuen” is a Hong Kong local brand which flourished in Lai Chi Kok. This “comeback” to Lai Chi Kok, is a big step of our business expansion. “Lai Yuen” will not be limited to F&B service only, but a path to diversity so as to continue the concept of “Simple Happiness”.”

The former owners of “Man Yuen Noodles”, Mr. & Mrs. Lee attended the Ceremony as well. Lai Yuen invited the Lee’s couple as consultants, so as to bring back the original flavor of the signature noodles back in the good old days, including “Beef Brisket Noodle”, “Pig Trotter Noodle”, and the reminiscent Hong Kong style “Spicy Minced Pork Mixed Noodle”.

Started running since 1947, “Man Yuen Noodles” were originally located in the Elgin Street in Central. It was the few remaining authentic Hong Kong style “Dai Pai Dong”, well praised by its traditional local flavor. Many celebrities and stars were its customers once. In 2005, a Preservation Movement was triggered by licensing issue. 3,000 people co-signed, demanding for this cultural preservation. Later on, the Lee’s couple re-opened the shop in a street shop nearby, but due to advanced age, the shop was closed down again in 2006.

For Lai Yuen’s gesture on continuing “Man Yuen”, the Lee’s couple expressed gratitude, “Lai Yuen is full of warmth and friendliness. We teach them ourselves, from ingredients selection to cooking soup and noodle. We want to keep the same quality as the past and hope that more people can taste of a local time-honored brand.”

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About Lai Yuen Company Limited

Lai Yuen was established in 1949, there were many newly-launched amusement rides and a zoo in the park. It was a hotspot for the public and was gloriously completed in 1997. In 2015 and 2016, Lai Yuen Company was re-established and returned to Hong Kong as “Lai Yuen Super Summer”, and later hosted the “Good Goods 2016 Guangzhou Expo”, spreading out Lai Yuen’s happiness and features. In 2017, Lai Yuen set up its first dining outlet in Tsim Sha Tsui, and return to Lai Chi Kok and opened “Cuisine 1949”, adopting unconventional cooking method to represent traditional Cantonese cuisine and Hong Kong style noodle. Lai Yuen is now entered to the Greater China region. It co-launched project “Wally” with China Media Capital, and is planning to build the first massive indoor entertainment center in Chengdu, 2020, so as to continue Lai Yuen’s concept of “Simple Happiness”.

Information about “Cuisine 1949”

Grand Opening: 20 Feb 2019
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11.30am-10.30pm
Address: Shops 211-216, 2/F D2 Place Two, 15 Cheung Shun Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon
Telephone: (852)3619 1128
Website: www.laiyuenrestaurants.com